Individual product purchase. A complete list

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Individual product purchase
1. International trade agreement/contract for purchase of goods:
  • Delivery conditions. 
  • Payment. 
  • VAT refund by the supplier. 
  • Exchange of documents. 
  • Transfer of ownership, transfer of risks aspects. 
  • Purchase of goods through an intermediary. 
2. Foreign exchange control, bank formalities.

3. Logistics:
  • Choosing a forwarding agent and a transport operator. 
  • Transportation payment options. 
  • Surveyor services at offloading/unloading. 
  • Taxation at export-import transactions. 
  • VAT refund. 
  • Foreign trade intermediary.
4. Customs registration in the Russian Federation:
  • Declaring terms. 
  • Risks when declaring. 
  • Customs Commodity Code.
  • Authorization documents. 
  • Customs payments. 
  • Customs cost. 
  • Adjustment of customs cost. 
  • Possibility of customs transit registration. 
  • Possibility of registration of multicomponent goods depending on their class. 
  • Intellectual property, taking it into account when importing goods. 
  • Preliminary survey. 
  • Customs inspection.