Special enamels for the shipbuilding and ship repair

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SPECIAL Enamels for the shipbuilding and ship repair

Enamel XC-720.Designed for use in shipbuilding and ship repair in order to protect against corrosion of metal surfaces of surface structures, PVL (belt variable waterline) and underwater vessels.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel XC-416.Designed to protect against corrosion of underwater parts of ships made of aluminum-magnesium alloys.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel PF-167 in various colors -freeboardDesigned for above-water part of the body (the board) a limited area of navigation, ships superstructure, masts unlimited navigation area on the corroded surface of ferrous metals.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel XC -436 kr.-Kor. / Green / black -underwater board (epoxy resin)Designed for underwater hull area and PVL (belt variable waterline), corroded surfaces for painting ferrous metals from corrosion layer thickness up to 100 microns.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel HS-500 series with corrosion inhibitor.Designed for painting superstructures and freeboard vessels of unlimited navigation area.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel XB-785 chemically resistant (corrosive gases, acids, alkalis)Designed for the protection of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete building structures.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel PF-115.Designed for wood surfaces both outside and inside the premises.Packing 25 kg.
Enamel XB-16. (Metal, wood, concrete).Designed for metal, wood and fabric products, as well as structures of concrete and reinforced concrete, the exploited, both outside and inside.Packing 20 kg.
Enamel XB-124.Designed for painting primed metal and wooden products maintained in atmospheric conditions.Packing 20 kg.

Soils for shipbuilding and ship repair.

Primer CHS-010.Designed to protect equipment and metal structures exposed to chemical liquids.Packing 20 kg.
Primer GF-021 (anti-corrosion)It is intended for priming metal and wood surfaces for coating various enamels.Packing 25 kg.
Primer VL-02, GOST 12707-77Designed for primary priming metal surfaces during in-process storage, as well as instead of phosphatizing and oxidation.Packing 20 kg.

Lucky for shipbuilding and ship repair

BT-577 varnish (kuzbasslak)Designed for temporary (up to 6 months), surface protection of metal structures, as well as for the manufacture of aluminum paint.Packing 20 kg.
BT-177 silver lacquer.Designed for use on all surfaces exposed to adverse weather conditions.Packing 20 kg.
XB-784 Nail chemical resistance.Designed for metal, wood, concrete and reinforced concrete building structures.Packing 20 kg.

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