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The Alliance North-West company offers temporary warehousing services which can be necessary in the process of cargo transfer from one type of transport to another or when processing documents.

Warehouses of temporary storage (WTS) are an important stage of the logistics chain. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine quick and high-quality cargo transportation without it. We provide our clients with warehouses of any area which will fully conform to the cargo function and type. At the warehouses offered they use only up-to-date handling machinery capable of transferring various types of cargo efficiently and without any problems. Our warehouses maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions and can be used for perishable, very fragile, valuable or explosive cargos.

The warehousing services rendered by the Alliance North-West company can include the following:

  • selecting warehouses of the needed area and type;
  • providing special cargo warehousing conditions;
  • cargo acceptance, carrying out loading and unloading operations; 
  • sorting, labeling, packaging and collecting cargo for its further transfer to the addressee; 
  • handling warehousing documents;
  • managing inventory. 
We deal both with normal cargos and with those demanding particular control and special permits.

Collaboration with the Alliance North-West company is profitable and safe. You will not need to keep your own warehouses and the necessary staff to maintain the whole logistics chain. Our company takes full financial responsibility for the integrity and safety of your cargos while rendering a whole range of additional services, from handling cargos to completing customs formalities. In that way you considerably save your time and money when transporting and warehousing your cargo.